Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Warm + Fuzzy!

Coming off of the busiest weekend I've seen in quite a while, I'm super tired but also can't help but feel warm + fuzzy inside! It was a weekend full of the things that are near and dear to my heart - Buckman Elementary School and Crafty Wonderland.

Both the Buckman Bash and the Art Show + Sell went fabulously. James Mercer and Stephen Malkmus put on great shows and Andrew Dickson was hysterical, as usual, with his power point presentation and live auctioneer skills.

The morning of the Bash I assembled some of my favorite Portland artists to help me do two chalk murals in the event space rooms at the Jupiter Hotel. I have to give a huge thank you to Juanita, Steve Mathews, Brett Superstar, Bwana Spoons, Tripper Dungan, Justin Morrison, Jenna Robertson and Greg Pitters for all their help and also to the incredible line-up of Buckman kids who contributed their talent.

This forest scene was in the room where the auctioned art was on display. There were several drawn poop piles hidden within the drawing...done by adults, not kids, I must add.

This mural of Buckman School was in the room that held the student art gallery and dessert bar.

I spent Saturday at the Buckman Art Show + Sell - hanging out with friends and selling my work. I ran home for a few hours to bake cupcakes for Crafty Wonderland's 2nd birthday the next day.

Torie's cute vintage oven was broken so while she made prizes for the raffle, I baked TWELVE DOZEN CUPCAKES! Yes, it's true. It nearly killed the joy of cupcakes in me, but I did it! The project at Crafty Wonderland's DIY table was cupcake decorating so I did not need to frost the cupcakes...just bake them. But and Betty Crocker were tired after all that mixing and baking!

I colored frosting both pink and green - Pretty!

Here is the Cupcake Decorating table in full swing!
Happy Birthday Crafty Wonderland!

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