Friday, April 18, 2008

Birthday Girls!

I took a little day trip out to the Oregon coast with my Mom + Sister to celebrate their birthdays (Happy Birthday Ladies!). We stopped at Camp 18 on the way out and had a nice greasy breakfast among the big logs, chainsaw bear statues and taxidermy wildlife. If you haven't been to Camp 18, I highly suggest a pit stop if you are traveling down Highway 26 to the coast. Click HERE to see a nice history of the place and the man who dreamed it.

We had one of their Famous Cinnamon Rolls - it looks pretty average until you look at the fork next to it for scale. The thing was freaking HUGE! And pretty yummy.


Anonymous said...

that what she said!

Bossa Nova Baby said...

Quentin, I know that is you! You dirty bird!

Qdog said...

sorry i couldn't resist! :)