Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy Administrative Professionals Week!

Even though I am not technically an administrative professional, I still did some celebrating of the holiday with a purchase from Naughty Secretary Club. She is having a special sale this week where you get 25% off your entire purchase! Simply enter the word SECRETARY into the voucher field at checkout to get the discount. I bought this fantastic "Pinkie and Paulie" was priced at $16 then with the discount it was only $ the shipping was FREE! What a steal!
There are few things I love more than pink plastic so this one was a must have! When I'm not wearing it, I will display it on the Pink Plastic Shelf in my bathroom.


Anonymous said...

your pink plastic shelf is outta sight! yowzas!

Bossa Nova Baby said...

Thanks! Looking at it makes me happy! Plus, it makes my semi-sketchy bathroom look semi-cute!

Anitra Cameron said...

What an unusual bracelet!

And your collection would be great in my bathroom--We have a 1950's house, with pink and wine tiling in the bathroom. It could be better, though. A friend of mine has the same tile, but all the fixtures are pink, too!


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