Monday, March 31, 2008

Obama Bowl-A-Rama!

I know everyone is using that phrase...but I just couldn't's so catchy! Barack Obama went bowling on Sunday while campaigning in Pennsylvania. He even wore the shoes!
Photo by Alex Brandon and entire article Here

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Make the Music Go Bang!

I went to see my very favorite band play a sold out show at the Crystal Ballroom last night. X is on their 13x31 tour celebrating their 31st anniversary - hard to believe they have been around that long! Sure, they are well into their 50's and I am about to crest 40 (eek!), but last night I felt like I was 22 again! I screamed and danced til I had a cramp!

I went with my friend and neighbor, Val, who got us VIP tickets from a friend who works for the Crystal Ballroom. Val and I are now moms/housewives who both have punk rock pasts, so every once in a while we go out and relive the glory days. We fancy ourselves to be badass...and we are godammit!

Speaking of badass... how freaking awesome is Exene?! She is my fashion role model with her cute vintage dress, cardigan and plethora of Bakelite bangles. She is also a Mom, which has inspired me since I became a Mom 10 years ago. When my son was born, none of my friends had kids and I didn't know if I could stay who I was and still be a Mom. Seeing Exene in all her coolness made me realize that I didn't have to start wearing pleated khakis and polo shirts just because I was having a kid. I heart you Exene:)

And then there's John Doe...sigh...he was looking fabulous in his Levi 501s and black western shirt (no skinny jeans on this guy!). At one point he took Exene's tiara and put it cute. Sorry, but I didn't get any photos of Billy Zoom or DJ Bonebrake - they were too far away!

Every song they sang was great - Los Angeles, White Girl, Nausea...too many to name. It was such an interesting crowd, with old timers who loved them back in the day and teenagers who are just discovering them. I even saw a few little kids in the audience - I can't wait to bring my son to one of their shows! Maybe next time.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Words to Live By

I recently heard the saying "Never trust a man in white pants". It sure made sense at the time but I came up with my own version of it after going to several rock shows in the last week...
"Never trust a man in skinny jeans."
While I am totally open to folks expressing themselves with their individual style, I am just not a fan of this recent fad among men. I am much more of a basic Levi's straight leg 501 kind-of-gal.
The opening band for the Carbon/Silicon show I saw a few days ago consisted of four boys - three of whom were wearing skinny jeans. I couldn't stop looking at them and wondering...why? Dang, I'm getting old.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Heaven on Earth!

Today I went to one of my favorite places on earth - The Goodwill Bins. It's the Goodwill Outlet Store where stuff is piled high in rolling plastic bins and is sold by the pound. You have to dig through some crazy crap to find treasure...but there is treasure to be found if you can handle it.

I've heard tall tales of people finding everything from poopy pants to dead rats in those bins. Personally, I've never found anything worse than a really bad smell or a hand full of mystery wetness. It can be pretty gross but there is something about the challenge and the hunt that I just love. And when you find that one awesome thing, it makes it all worth while.

When they wheel out the new bins, people line up and the feeding frenzy of crazed shoppers begins. It's a mix of "pickers" who go there to re-sell stuff on eBay or to local vintage stores and folks who are there to buy their everyday needs. I need to be in the right mood to get in there and fight for stuff. Today I just looked on from afar.

There are several things I WILL NOT buy at The Bins:
1. Underwear
2. Wigs
3. Scary Dolls (including scary clowns)
4. Food
They sell packaged snacks at the cash registers and I see people buy them then sit around and have a snack mid-shop. Even though it is sealed in a package, the mere proximity to the gross stuff is a deal breaker for me.

I found this super cute Valentine card and gave it to my friend Jenna to give her skater husband.

This is my cart with the items I ended up with:
*A beautiful old quilt (the find of the day)
*A knit Tigger hat for my friend Tripper
*Two handmade felt + sequin ornaments
*Some vintage baby clothes for my expectant friends :)
*A few vintage sweaters that I will screen print onto
*Vintage photo negatives with images of a 1940's wedding
*A vintage kitchen timer
*A cute old wooden puzzle

**I didn't buy those two weird looking dolls - they didn't make the final cut.

It totaled $5.69 for 8.25lbs. I went through the checkout with Jenna and both of us added up to over 50 lbs. (holy crap!) so we only paid .69 cents per pound (the more you buy, the lower the price per pound). Jenna buys loads of vintage wool and cashmere sweaters for her art. Plus she got a few old suitcases to use for display.

What a day - Long Live The Bins!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Vintage Finds!

Sweet Jesus!
I found this little gem on a recent thrifting adventure on the Oregon Coast. It's a fabulous vintage framed Jesus picture that LIGHTS UP! That special combination of religious imagery and light up kitsch makes me weak in the knees! My living room is chock-full-o-the stuff...but I'm sad to say that this special find will be going into my booth at the antique mall and will go to the lucky soul who decides to buy it. Having the antique booth has been a really good lesson in letting go. I tend to hoard special vintage finds but now I can hold onto them and love them for a few days then send them off to find a better home at the antique mall. Goodbye Jesus!

This beauty combines two of my other loves - vintage plastic and handmade wackiness. I bought it at the Monticello Antique Mall last week for a mere $7. It was labeled as a cake carrier but I think I will use it to carry craft supplies or maybe even as a purse. I'm thinking that some fabulous crafty lady made it using two old plastic containers (maybe ice cream tubs?)- one yellow and one clear. She cut up the yellow one into scalloped shapes then added plastic lacing and faux flowers as extra-fancy embellishments. Love it!

I also found these cute little bird cake toppers / birthday candle holders at Monticello Antique Mall. I already have some pink ones but had never seen blue ones. I will probably cut the stems off then use the birdies in my found object art. I just love vintage plastic stuff - especially cake toppers!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Mick Jones Live and in Person!

Wow...I'm still high on the rush of seeing Mick Jones of The Clash live and in person last night at Lola's Room at the Crystal Ballroom here in Portland. He was performing with his new band Carbon/Silicon - they were pretty good - but it was just so fantastic to see Mick Jones up there singing and doing all his signature moves! I'm a huge Clash fan and really just went because I knew it was the closest I would ever get to seeing them live. I had a chance to see them live with The Police back in the 80's but the parents wouldn't let me go :(
As we arrived at the show and were walking up the sidewalk to the Crystal Ballroom my husband spotted Mr. Jones walking the other way and went up and shook his hand. Of course, I missed most of the interaction but turned around just in time to look stunned and speechless at one of my punk rock heroes. Dang. But I did have a good spot right up front and center at the show...with all the other old folks!
Strangely enough, X, which is my other absolute favorite band just happens to be playing at the Crystal Ballroom on Saturday. Can't wait to see them too!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

This Amy Sedaris video cracks me up no matter how many times I watch it!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Leslie and the Ly's LIVE!

Holy Crap!
That is all I can say in response to the live Leslie and the Ly's show I saw last week at Holocene. It was an amazing sight that I can only compare to a religious experience. Leslie Hall struts around the stage in gold spandex outfits that her Mom makes for her and sings songs about gold pants, Bedazzlers and gem sweaters. All the while she has movies projected on a huge screen behind her showing weird 80's aerobic videos, Bedazzler info-mercials and so much more. She also called several members of the audience up on stage and had a naming ceremony for their gem sweaters - bless those folks who braved the heat of Holocene to dazzle us with their beautifully hideous sweaters!
Freaking Amazing!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I Heart Mr. T

My son is a great artist as well as a huge Mr. T enthusiast - he organized an art show at the new location of Moshi Moshi here in Portland, OR. Check out photos of the opening HERE and the remaining artwork for sale HERE. I created an embroidered portrait of Mr. T for the show - I was so in love with it and was hoping maybe I could keep it but, alas, it sold yesterday. Bittersweet...but I'm excited that it will be out in the world and going to a good home.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Welcome to Stitch + Destroy!

Here I am with my first blog post ever. I'm looking forward to blogging about fun thrift store finds, crafty goodness and all around good living here in beautiful Portland, OR.
Thanks for stopping by and hope you come back soon.