Sunday, March 30, 2008

Make the Music Go Bang!

I went to see my very favorite band play a sold out show at the Crystal Ballroom last night. X is on their 13x31 tour celebrating their 31st anniversary - hard to believe they have been around that long! Sure, they are well into their 50's and I am about to crest 40 (eek!), but last night I felt like I was 22 again! I screamed and danced til I had a cramp!

I went with my friend and neighbor, Val, who got us VIP tickets from a friend who works for the Crystal Ballroom. Val and I are now moms/housewives who both have punk rock pasts, so every once in a while we go out and relive the glory days. We fancy ourselves to be badass...and we are godammit!

Speaking of badass... how freaking awesome is Exene?! She is my fashion role model with her cute vintage dress, cardigan and plethora of Bakelite bangles. She is also a Mom, which has inspired me since I became a Mom 10 years ago. When my son was born, none of my friends had kids and I didn't know if I could stay who I was and still be a Mom. Seeing Exene in all her coolness made me realize that I didn't have to start wearing pleated khakis and polo shirts just because I was having a kid. I heart you Exene:)

And then there's John Doe...sigh...he was looking fabulous in his Levi 501s and black western shirt (no skinny jeans on this guy!). At one point he took Exene's tiara and put it cute. Sorry, but I didn't get any photos of Billy Zoom or DJ Bonebrake - they were too far away!

Every song they sang was great - Los Angeles, White Girl, Nausea...too many to name. It was such an interesting crowd, with old timers who loved them back in the day and teenagers who are just discovering them. I even saw a few little kids in the audience - I can't wait to bring my son to one of their shows! Maybe next time.

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