Monday, March 17, 2008

Leslie and the Ly's LIVE!

Holy Crap!
That is all I can say in response to the live Leslie and the Ly's show I saw last week at Holocene. It was an amazing sight that I can only compare to a religious experience. Leslie Hall struts around the stage in gold spandex outfits that her Mom makes for her and sings songs about gold pants, Bedazzlers and gem sweaters. All the while she has movies projected on a huge screen behind her showing weird 80's aerobic videos, Bedazzler info-mercials and so much more. She also called several members of the audience up on stage and had a naming ceremony for their gem sweaters - bless those folks who braved the heat of Holocene to dazzle us with their beautifully hideous sweaters!
Freaking Amazing!

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diy jen said...

I am so glad you love Leslie too. She has been a link on the DIY Lounge website since day one. I wish I could have gone to the show too!

Your blog looks great. Keep up the good work!