Thursday, March 27, 2008

Heaven on Earth!

Today I went to one of my favorite places on earth - The Goodwill Bins. It's the Goodwill Outlet Store where stuff is piled high in rolling plastic bins and is sold by the pound. You have to dig through some crazy crap to find treasure...but there is treasure to be found if you can handle it.

I've heard tall tales of people finding everything from poopy pants to dead rats in those bins. Personally, I've never found anything worse than a really bad smell or a hand full of mystery wetness. It can be pretty gross but there is something about the challenge and the hunt that I just love. And when you find that one awesome thing, it makes it all worth while.

When they wheel out the new bins, people line up and the feeding frenzy of crazed shoppers begins. It's a mix of "pickers" who go there to re-sell stuff on eBay or to local vintage stores and folks who are there to buy their everyday needs. I need to be in the right mood to get in there and fight for stuff. Today I just looked on from afar.

There are several things I WILL NOT buy at The Bins:
1. Underwear
2. Wigs
3. Scary Dolls (including scary clowns)
4. Food
They sell packaged snacks at the cash registers and I see people buy them then sit around and have a snack mid-shop. Even though it is sealed in a package, the mere proximity to the gross stuff is a deal breaker for me.

I found this super cute Valentine card and gave it to my friend Jenna to give her skater husband.

This is my cart with the items I ended up with:
*A beautiful old quilt (the find of the day)
*A knit Tigger hat for my friend Tripper
*Two handmade felt + sequin ornaments
*Some vintage baby clothes for my expectant friends :)
*A few vintage sweaters that I will screen print onto
*Vintage photo negatives with images of a 1940's wedding
*A vintage kitchen timer
*A cute old wooden puzzle

**I didn't buy those two weird looking dolls - they didn't make the final cut.

It totaled $5.69 for 8.25lbs. I went through the checkout with Jenna and both of us added up to over 50 lbs. (holy crap!) so we only paid .69 cents per pound (the more you buy, the lower the price per pound). Jenna buys loads of vintage wool and cashmere sweaters for her art. Plus she got a few old suitcases to use for display.

What a day - Long Live The Bins!


Adrienne said...

That clown was scary! (and dirty!)
Thanks for the link on your blog. Keep up the crafty goodness.

Hola, I'm JMac: said...

Cathy, I just went to the bins on Monday and was thinking aboutcha. I took Leo and mid-shop he was chewing on a random toy I picked up to keep him occupied. Chewing! ewww. I was attacking him w/hand sanitizer afterwards....

Also, Jenna's site is awesome and I saw her stuff @ New Seasons. That is so rockin' aye and I miss you guys! I'm so happy you have a blog now so I can keep up with your happenins!


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the Valentine card very much! Thanks for keeping the look out for me.

Skater Husband