Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Vintage Finds!

Sweet Jesus!
I found this little gem on a recent thrifting adventure on the Oregon Coast. It's a fabulous vintage framed Jesus picture that LIGHTS UP! That special combination of religious imagery and light up kitsch makes me weak in the knees! My living room is chock-full-o-the stuff...but I'm sad to say that this special find will be going into my booth at the antique mall and will go to the lucky soul who decides to buy it. Having the antique booth has been a really good lesson in letting go. I tend to hoard special vintage finds but now I can hold onto them and love them for a few days then send them off to find a better home at the antique mall. Goodbye Jesus!

This beauty combines two of my other loves - vintage plastic and handmade wackiness. I bought it at the Monticello Antique Mall last week for a mere $7. It was labeled as a cake carrier but I think I will use it to carry craft supplies or maybe even as a purse. I'm thinking that some fabulous crafty lady made it using two old plastic containers (maybe ice cream tubs?)- one yellow and one clear. She cut up the yellow one into scalloped shapes then added plastic lacing and faux flowers as extra-fancy embellishments. Love it!

I also found these cute little bird cake toppers / birthday candle holders at Monticello Antique Mall. I already have some pink ones but had never seen blue ones. I will probably cut the stems off then use the birdies in my found object art. I just love vintage plastic stuff - especially cake toppers!


Lucy said...

I can't believe you are going to part with a light-up Jesus! You are being so good.

Bridget B. said...

Ooo - those little cake toppers are super yummy! I already spend so much on shoes and art supplies that I have to be really careful about the thrifting/antiquing thing - I love that you have the booth so you can collect, love, and then release!

Bossa Nova Baby said...

Yes, having the booth has helped me to cut down on my stuff. While it is fairly organized most of the time, I have so much stuff that it's bordering on a problem! So the booth helps me get rid of stuff while also earning $$ to support my habit so I can keep the stuff that I just can't part with.
As for Jesus...yes, he has already left the building :(

adrienne said...

sweet jesus!