Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Be Good to Your Teeth!

OK, so I normally would never post a photo of myself in such a compromising position for all the world to see...but I'm trying to spread the gospel of frequent dental visits and maybe also find a little redemption.
My story starts when we lost our dental insurance and stopped going for regular cleanings. Flash forward three years (that's now) when one of my fillings falls out. I go to the dentist and find that actually two fillings have fallen out and my teeth are completely yucky. Plus there may be a root canal in my near future. Urgh.

Three painful appointments, two cavities and about $700 later I have learned my lesson and plan to be much nicer to my teeth. Maybe this is a no-brainer for most of you, but I know there are lots of folks out there just like me who don't have insurance and think there are much better things to spend their spare money on. Trust me! It's worth the $80 - $100 every six months to save the only teeth you have.
Sorry teeth!

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m.k. said...

Thank you for the reminder - I was supposed to go in for my 6-month cleaning back in...December. Time to call the dentist!