Monday, July 14, 2008

Antique Expo Wrap-up

This past weekend was one of my favorite events of the year - The Antique + Collectibles Show at the Expo Center here in Portland. Palmer Wirfs holds three shows a year in Portland (March, July + October) and the July show is said to be the largest antique and collectible show in the country with a total of 1800 booths inside and out. What I love about the Summer show is the outdoor section of over 300 booths - it has a sort of flea market feel where you can get incredible deals.

The Expo has become a tradition with my girlfriends and I. This time I was with the pregnant posse - all three of them are expecting babies in the fall!

Part of the appeal of the Expo is seeing things I have never seen before. It's almost like going to the museum for me. You get to see very weird stuff like hair art from the turn of the century or a 1950's leopard print TV. My favorite strange sighting this time was this box of vintage doll's eyes from Germany. Creepy!

I also love to see things that I own or that I had when I was a kid and find out what they are worth. I still have these Bert + Ernie puppets from my childhood - I could have had a second set for a mere $22.

I have always dreamed of having one of these kitchen queen cupboards in my house. This one was super cute with it's frosted windows and Bakelite handles and was only $195. If only I had a place to put it...

I spotted this never-been-used mug + pitcher set by Blisscraft of Hollywood and decided I couldn't live without it. I am a sucker for brightly colored vintage plastic kitchenware.

The hard part is going to be removing the cute labels so I can actually use it. I see margaritas in it's future!

My goal this time was to only buy things that I could really use - no dust collecting knick-knacks that would sit on a shelf (I already have too many of those!) - and I did pretty well sticking to that rule. Here is a pile of cute vintage fabrics that I bought - most will become skirts or dresses in the near future.

I also got some vintage trims and buttons for future projects. The bolts of sparkle rick-rack were only $2 each!

Long pink vintage gloves and cute vintage wrapping paper...not necessarily things that I needed but things I couldn't resist!

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