Saturday, March 28, 2009

Stay Away from the White Light.

The last few weeks have been a bit crazy at my house. Shortly after arriving home from the art show I wrote about in my previous post, I became so ill that I ended up in the emergency room and then in the hospital Intensive Care Unit. Turns out I had Pneumococcal Pneumonia - a serious illness that usually attacks older people, very young people or people with an already weakended system from other health problems. But this year they have apparently seen an increase in healthy young people like myself getting the disease. About 1 out of every 20 people who get Pneumococcal Pneumonia dies from it. If it gets into your bloodstream (which it did in my case) then those numbers increase to 2 out of 10 dying from it. It goes without saying that this experience has been emotional and quite a wake-up call for me to appreciate my life and friends and family more. I am incredibly lucky to have so many amazing people who care about me and to live a great life here in Portland, OR. Big hugs and kisses and thanks to all of you who took care of me and sent me yummy food and magazines and good thoughts! I can't describe how much it has meant to me!

I am feeling much better now and am hoping to be back in the swing of my life really soon. The Crafty Wonderland third birthday party and the Portland premiere of Handmade Nation are coming up next weekend and I'm doing some serious resting up so I can partake in the festivities. I'll try to write more about both events later this week - both are not to be missed!

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Michelle said...

Health, health and more health to you friend! I'm glad you're all better!