Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Junktown in Astoria

I am honored to be taking part in a group show of the Junktown Allstars at the Lunar Boy Gallery in Astoria this month. Junktown is a collective of artists who use recycled/reclaimed materials in their work. They are all amazingly talented artists and real nice folks so I was pretty excited when they asked me to join them.

The show at Lunar Boy will feature 10 artists (including myself) all showing work that is at least 50% recycled and selling for $100 or less. Participating artists include Tripper Dungan, Brett Superstar, Chelsea Fletcher, Steve Mathews, Meredith Mathews, Elijah Klauder, Levi Pitters, Cyrus Smith, Ben Soeby & Chris Herndon. In honor of the show, I have put together some new cut tin pieces that made my hands bleed and my heart beat fast.

"Pink Branch"

"Red Flower Spray"

"Blue Tree"

Lunar Boy Gallery
1133 Commercial St.
Astoria, OR 97103
Opening reception Saturday, March 14th from 5-9pm
Show runs through the end of March

See some of the work featured in the show here.


Taryn said...

Wow! Your work is wonderful! I absolutely love what you've done here!
I want to wish you the best at the show and congratulations for getting to be a part of it!

Kristen said...

fabulous! hope it went well!

Brandy said...

I bought the blue tree last week. you're great! Thanks.