Thursday, October 2, 2008

Blog? What Blog?

As you may have guessed from the previous post, I am super busy with out of town craft fairs, my own craft fair organizing and all my usual life/family stuff - which is why I've been so severely neglecting this little blog. I started wondering why the heck I had even started a blog... am I crazy...I don't have time for blogging!

Well, I actually did remember why I had started my blog. I felt like I was always reading other people's blogs and wondering how they had such perfect lives. How did they have three kids and keep their houses looking so magazine ready and make amazing craft projects and cook picture perfect homemade meals??? I only have one kid and my house is a wreck and I eat out way too often and I have a crafty sweatshop in my basement (with me as the only employee). Where was the imperfect blogger who wrote about how they couldn't do everything and had dust bunnies as big as their head hidden behind the door??? Maybe that should be me. Thus the birth of Stitch & Destroy.

Here comes the irony... I am so busy and so bad at balancing all my responsibilities that a few things have fallen by the wayside. The first one was this blog (obviously). The second one was laundry. Here comes the confessional...I've had three baskets of clean laundry sitting in my living room for almost a month.

If we all get dressed out of the clean laundry baskets, it will eventually all be gone and we won't have to take valuable time to fold it. That makes sense, right? Well, somehow it didn't quite work that way and it's still there and begging to be folded. I have family coming to visit this weekend so that may be the catalyst that finally makes me take care of it.

I'm not quite sure where I'm going with this...but the basic gist of my rant is that I'm a little flaky and a little crazy and so-not-Martha Stewart. But I try and do my best and be creative and be a good mom and wife and clean my house when people come to visit and exercise twice a week. I'm trying hard not to hold myself up to what other people are able to achieve and accept that I can only do what I can do. I will try not to neglect this blog so much...but I may disappear for a spell to attend to life. Thanks for reading!

Coming of my gigantor dust bunnies!


Lucy said...

Yes! I love it! I remember you had this mantra for when you started your blog.
FYI - We have multiple baskets of laundry - some clean and some dirty. Then we dig through them and it all gets mixed up and it just ends up in piles and piles on the floor. I'm not brave enough to photograph it though! (And I have zero kids.)

kat said...

i love it! you are speaking the truth, i too look at these blogs and wonder the same things. i wrote an impassioned post about wanting to get back into selling my wares, and the diy movement, got off the computer and laughed. my house was a wreck, my kids needed me and there were a thousand other things i had to do! good luck with all of your shows, i love your work. i hope to attend crafty wonderland in dec., yee haw!

Valerie said...

I found your blog through Kat's ^ THANK YOU! valerie

adrienne said...

I hear it sister. Whatever you can do to hold things up, is what you can do. But remember, Martha Stuart has A LOT of helpers to keep herself up and running!

Bossa Nova Baby said...

Thanks ladies! I knew there were more like me out there. I say we start a new trend in blogging - instead of posting photos of our perfect corners, let's post photos of the imperfect ones!
My house is actually very clean right now - I have family coming to town tonight...but it should be back to it's usual mess by Monday:)