Friday, June 27, 2008

Welcome Home!

Whew! I 'm finally home from New York...

with a little three day camping trip tacked on at the end.

I love to travel and see cool new things but there is nothing better than coming home to Portland. I could go on and on about my week in NY...

how I ate my weight in bagels and pizza,

drank yummy cocktails at Pete's Candy Store,

went to the Bronx Zoo,

rode a bike through Central Park,

and went to a super fun Lotta Jansdotter printing party.

I could give all the juicy details from the Renegade Craft Fair...

how I sold out of my new dress design,

bought an adorable plush toaster and burnt piece of toast from
My Paper Crane

and how a crazy thunder + lighting + rain storm blew in and toppled tents and soaked us to the bone.

But New York is so last week...what I really want to talk about right now is this amazing Betsy Walton painting that I bought last night.

Betsy is showing with several other female artists in Swim Meet at Together Gallery here in Portland. I've had my eye on Betsy's recent work via her Flickr page and was excited to see them in person. This piece really called my name and I decided it was a fine way to treat myself with some of my Renegade earnings. Yeah! I can't wait to find that perfect place for it in my house.


Adrienne said...

Nice pictures! I especially love your painting of the Swim Meet by Betsy Walton.

Peptogirl said...

OH NO!!! It's a craft show nightmare! I'm glad you were still able to make some sales! Love the hot pink in that painting. Nice score!