Sunday, June 1, 2008


I saw this woman at the supermarket today and got a good laugh. She was wearing one of those t-shirt beach cover-ups with the fringe at the bottom that has an image of a lady in a skimpy bikini printed on both the front and back. I told her that her shirt was awesome. I was lucky enough to snap this photo of her as she rode away on her bike so I can remember it forever and look at it whenever I need to smile.


adrienne said...

simply fabulous

Allison said...

i LOVE that lady AND when she breaks out that shirt!!! she's a regular on mississippi and often gives a hearty shout out of "HEY BABY"!! love it - alli

Anitra Cameron said...

Thanks for the grin! It will sustain me while I go about the housework, unstop a tenant's tub, etc. Love it!