Sunday, May 25, 2008

Vintage Finds!

There is a family in my neighborhood that holds killer yard sales several times a year. They put out the same fluorescent posters each time to advertise and I anxiously await seeing those signs. Well, they appeared yesterday and I quickly ran on over to check out the goods. They always seem to have lots of crafty knick knacks - fabric, trims, books and kits as well as finished projects. The guy once told me that he was cleaning out his mother's stuff and she was very crafty. Well, she must have had one hell of a stash because I've been to about 8 of their sales and every time I walk away with fantastic stuff. Here's what I came away with this time for a grand total of $3.25!

I'm so crazy about vintage crafts made from found objects - so naturally these little chairs that are made out of tin cans were a must have. I got this whole lot of 8 for only $2! Don't know what I will do with them but I sure do love them! I've seen them made into pin cushions with a little pad on the seat so perhaps that's what they will become.

I also found this tooled leather belt kit - complete with the original box and instructions. I just love the "Stylecraft" logo with the last half in rope script. I might try to look for some leather dye to fancy it up (maybe black or red) then the belt will be ready to wear.

I have such nostalgic memories of this kind of stationary. I loved using these all-in-one style notes to write to my pen pals when I was a kid - you write your letter, fold it over, seal it up and it's ready to mail. So cool! And the fact that these are jeans, complete with a butt, make them even cooler!

Last but not least, I got this instructional booklet put out by U and I Sugar called "Cynthia Scott's World of Holiday Sugar Fun". It includes instructions on Panoramic Sugar Molding - as in those cool molded sugar eggs with the scene inside that Grandma used to give us at Easter. I've been itching to figure out how to make these ever since I made Mexican Sugar Skulls and realized it was basically the same method. Can't wait to experiment with this one!

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Anitra Cameron said...

Ohmigosh, did you ever score! Where are these people?! I mean, I want an address, lol!