Monday, May 26, 2008

New Skirts in the Works!

I'm in full swing getting ready for The Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn next month - can't believe I'm leaving for NY in just over 2 weeks! I'm working feverishly making new skirts and working on my new dress design. I love coming up with new designs but working out the kinks can be extremely frustrating! So far I have put together two dresses but neither one is just right. I'm planning to debut the dress at Renegade so hopefully the third one will be the charm.

Here are some recent fabric purchases that are destined to become skirts (or dresses?) in the next two weeks!

I found this vintage sailboat pattern fabric at the thrift store the other day. It totally reminds me of my upbringing on the south shore of Massachusetts - looks like the kind of fabric that adorned the wrap skirts that the local preppy ladies would buy from Talbots and wear to the sailing club. I was traumatic and that is why I now live 3000 miles away in Portland, OR! But I can't help but be drawn to this 80's preppy stuff - I'm making my own version of the sailboat skirt!

This pretty floral cotton fabric is another vintage thrift store find that will soon become several skirts.

I love this pink cotton fabric with a Mexican motif - while it looks totally vintage, it is actually brand spanking new and purchased at the Fabric Depot outdoor sale. If you live in the Portland area and don't know about the Fabric Depot outdoor sale - you gotta check it out! While you do have to weed through some terribly ugly stuff, you can find the occasional treasure for anywhere from $2 t0 $6 a yard.

This is another vintage inspired cotton print found at the Fabric Depot outdoor sale. This one is in line to become the final version of the Bossa Nova Baby wrap dress! Fingers crossed.

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